Mastering the 2nd Trimester Ultrasound - CME course

Old Course | taught by Roy and Tony Filly
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Samantha Heaton


This course was incredibly helpful. They way they describe anatomy and pathology just makes sense. I am a fairly recent graduate and even in my OB classes we didn't learn about WHY exactly we were looking at the 3-vessel view, and specific things ...

Michael Hall

Mastering the 2nd trimester ultrasound

Very good review and key points emphasized and easy to follow; organized and well thought out.

Ratnakarreddy Vootkuri

Samantha Heaton

This course was incredibly helpful. They way they describe anatomy and pathology just makes sense. I am a fairly recent graduate and even in my OB classes we didn't learn about WHY exactly we were looking at the 3-vessel view, and specific things ...

Michael Hall

Very good review and key points emphasized and easy to follow; organized and well thought out.

Ratnakarreddy Vootkuri

Roman Starikov

Good course

Annie Kochuveettil

Excellent review. Concise and to the point. Really enjoyed it. Will surely recommend it to others.

Anthony Harewood

Great course

arlene strauss

Christine Campbell

Great Course!

Michele Racela

Excellent course for new or seasoned sonographers needing a refresher course


Excellent. One of the best CME, I have attended till date. Really help full and imparts confidence in daily OBG ultrasound practice.

chandrakant vaghela

Maria Dais

Pay attention!! Much as you think you know all this, there are small nuances you may not! Great course, helpful and easy to navigate through. Thank you!

Ingrid Burger

This course does an excellent job of reviewing the basics of OB screening ultrasound in a thorough manner, in addition to examining the finer points of the exam in a way that is easy to understand. I found it very useful and recommend it for thos...

Jennifer Schley

Great review of everything needing covered at the anatomy scans. Good tips and tricks. I learned a lot and will use it in my daily practice. Thank you!

Kevork Krajian

5 star

Valentin Lance

Excellent review and easy to follow systematic approach to OB ultrasound.

steve rindsberg

I have been doing OB ultrasound for over 20 years. This course takes complex issues and boils them down to simple easy to grasp facts. Best OB ultrasound course I have taken.

steve rindsberg

Heather Wahner

I absolutely recommend this CME as a refresher corse or as a learning tool. The more you review with the Filly's , the more you learn. Thank you so much for creating and sharing your knowledge that is truly a gift.

Shiva Mathur

Excellent CME course. Great tips on anatomic survey. Fetal Doppler was not covered. Some tips on fetal Profile views would be welcome. Thanks shiva Hi Shiva, Thanks for the review. We didn't cover fetal Doppler in this c...

hong pham

Flora Andreeva

It was a pleasure to go through the activity, every word - exactly to the point, making things look clear and simple.

Wendy Reynolds

One of the best courses I have seen. I learned several tips-- even as a "seasoned" sonographer.

Usha Gummadi

I enjoyed this course very much. It was straight to the point and not overloaded with any unnecessary extras. The video's and lectures were well done and gave great examples and explanations. Great course for any sonographer to get a comprehensive...

Ani Darakjian

Excellent course. Good review of basics as well as some new information

Connie Owens

Hilary Rose

I found this course to be very helpful for my day to day scanning of ob exams. I am a visual learner and appreciated the videos with all the images and case studies. The material was explained in an easy way so I could retain and understand everyt...

Lorraine Crompton

This is an excellent coarse. I feel less intimidated and have what I feel is a good grip on the structures and how they must be viewed and imaged for the interpreting physician. I really love your methods of delivery and find the information pre...

Linnea Pratt

Well worth your time. Weather your just starting out scanning OB or you have been doing it for quite some time this is a great course. I have been scanning OBGyn for several years now but still found this course to be very informative as many anao...

Gary Podgorski

Best continuing education course that I have taken. Immediate impact on my practice at a most appropriate time

diana baker

This was a great review which included so many of the essential pearls that Roy taught me in residency and fellowship.

Jennifer hubbard

Loved the lecture and the video clips! It's nice to get refreshed in some areas! Thank you for taking time to do this! It is greatly appreciated!!

Bryan Kaufman

Great course, I just wish all of the techs, whose studies I read, would have the opportunity to take it.

Michell Marchand

I felt this course was informative and well put together. It was a great refresher course containing everything a Sonographer needs to know to perform a thorough anatomical survey. The authors detail not only what images should be taken, but why...

Christopher Hsu

I did my fellowship partly under the instruction of Dr. Roy Filly (Tony's father). I can say that this particular OB course is a truly excellent review of all the essentials that you need to know in order to safely and accurately interpret OB US....

Sandy Holmes

The course is well written and explains clearly what is needed to be done for a 2nd trimester ob. I have been a sonographer for 37 years 17 in a high risk ob setting and I am rearranging my ob protocol because Dr. Filly makes sense.

Brittany Hargrove

I love the way Dr. Filly explains everything for the sonographer. OB can be extremely overwhelming, but his simple (yet thorough) approach to everything really helps break things down. My favorite take away from the whole thing is to h...

Roy and Tony Filly
Roy and Tony Filly

About the instructor

Dr. Roy Filly is professor emeritus of Radiology and Obstetrics/Gynecology at UCSF and co-founder of the fetal treatment program. Dr. Filly founded the ultrasound department at UCSF 40 years ago and ran one of the most sought after fellowships, training many of the foremost thought leaders in the world. Dr. Filly's teaching style stands out, in that, he had to pioneer his own way and learn obstetrical sonography before the field even existed. This unique viewpoint is possessed by very few people still teaching today.

Dr. Anthony Filly is fellowship trained in ultrasound, Chief of Radiology in private practice and adjunct faculty in Radiology at Stanford University and won the resident teaching award in 2014 and 2015. Tony's teaching style is based on a sound fund of knowledge in training at Stanford and UCSF, but at the same time having an understanding of the "real world" issues that physicians and sonographers face in private practice.

This CME course combines the video lectures with the written eCourse offering 10 hours of CME/CEU credits through the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (SDMS). These credits can also be applied to the American Board of Radiology Maintenance of Certification requirements.



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Course Contents

12 Videos
4 Quizzes
1 Survey
60 Texts
1 Disqus
10.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

Lecture - Demysitfying the 2nd Trimester Scan
Amniotic Fluid Assessment - Getting it right!
How To Approach Polyhydramnios
Biometry - How to Follow the Rules and Get it Right
Practical Approach to the Fetal CNS
Routine Scans - How I do it
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